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El Mejor Alojamiento Web de 2018

A web hosting comparison that is based on real-world user experience and experts opinion, not advertising. See top 5 web hosting companies that provide the best experience.

Proveedor de Alojamiento Web
Calificación general
Precio desde
Principales Características Servidores Rápidos Dominio Gratis Atención al Cliente 24/7 Alto Uptime
MX$ 19.99/mes
Principales Características Servidores Rápidos Atención al Cliente 24/7 Almacenamiento SSD
MX$ 55.15/mes
Principales Características Sencillo de Utilizar Excelente para WordPress Atención al Cliente 24/7 Buena Seguridad
MX$ 62.81/mes
Principales Características Alto Uptime Fácil de Usar para Los Principiantes Devolución de dinero en 45 días
MX$ 58.55/mes
Principales Características Almacenamiento de Disco Ilimitado Configuración Rápida Buena Seguridad Dominio Gratis
MX$ 105.40/mes

El arte de la reseña

We believe that there is a certain way of doing web hosting reviews. It involves trusting only those who are passionate about the technology, know how it works and dive right into the deep-end to bring objective and informed opinions. Reviews like these help the best web hosts become even better and keep users in the loop like nothing else!

Cómo Escoger el Mejor Hosting

Tome su tiempo

The best web hosting for you, will have to fit all of your needs. It’ll be the home of your project. You shouldn’t take that lightly. When choosing from the top web hosts, get an in-depth look into their features, performance and web hosting comparison charts.

Ten en consideración el tamañ de tu proyecto

Be sure to know what do you need, to get you off the ground. Are you transferring an existing website? Are you starting a blog? Consider resources required, web hosting reviews and what you will need for the start of your online journey.

Haz tu tarea

To understand web hosting reviews, you might need to take learn some terminology and technical concepts. If you’re having a hard time, get a technically proficient friend to explain specific ideas. This is an integral part of making an informed decision and picking the best web hosting provider.

Evalúa tus habilidades técnicas

Do you want to learn to do everything yourself? Will you need a lot of help? Are you completely self-sufficient? These are the questions you should answer honestly, before making a choice. Best web hosting services are fully managed and offer tech support 24/7.

Considera escalar

The best web hosts will encourage your growth. That means, when you need an upgrade, they’ll make progress seamless. Research upper range prices, find out if upgrades are smooth and if you’ll experience downtime. Make sure your growth is encouraged.

Decide las característica que necesitas

Not all top web hosting providers have all the elements in one place. Consider if you need a domain, WordPress optimisation, CMS integration and similar notes. Look for web hosting reviews that will cover the specific functionality you need for your project.

Opiniones Honestas Sobre El Hosting

A useful web hosting review should strive to do more at every step. When looking for the best web hosts, we employ experts and real-life users, who know the ins and outs of the tech, the industry and what the users need. All web hosting companies get an in-depth review, covering everything from features, performance statistics along with a web hosting comparison and that human touch, that helps users figure out what they truly need.
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